Christmas Party – Button Bracelets

December 23, 2010

A few weeks ago I received a gift from Susan Gardner. She came up with a cute idea making a bracelet using our button assortments. I like to throw an employee Christmas party for my gals and so we decided to make these bracelets.

Here is mine with some extra bling (rhinestones glued to the middle of the buttons, of course)

Here are the instructions:

You will need –

30 buttons. 10 of each of the 3 sizes (big, medium, and flower)

26" of .5mm clear stretch cord (we purchased this at the local craft store)

Beading needle

Crimping bead and crimping tool


Start by laying out your bracelet the way you'd like it to be. Using the beading needle, thread the buttons onto the stretch cord. After you have all of the buttons strung onto your cord (leave yourself about a tail of 3") tie the bracelet into a circle and go back through every hole one more time with the needle and stretch cord. Once you get back to the beginning (you'll see two threads through each button) stick both ends into one crimping bead and crimp until it's smooshed.

The buttons will kind of lay over one another (pictured above)

During this process you will also make a mess…

Possibly superglue your fingers together…

Dress up sleeping baby Kennedie…

And here is our finished product! (5 button bracelets in this photo with Beth, Aubrey, and McKinley.)

Thanks, Susan, for such a fun idea! We had a great day!

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